One of the most dominating groups of the underground west coast music scene is Fista Cuffs, an electronic music duo based out of San Francisco, California that produces Moombahton, Trap and other Bass music.

Fista Cuffs has its roots in Moombahton, a genre that they got into early, carving out their style as a grittier, Dubstep inspired Moombahcore. called them “Pioneers of the hard-hitting Moombahcore genre,” adding, “power duo Fista Cuffs bring the heat,” and Moombah+ called them "One of our favorite groups doing Moombahcore." While making a name for themselves in Moombah, Fista Cuffs used their unique Moombahcore sound to generate radio show performances with Kid Cedek, ETC!ETC! and Sazon Booyah, and live performances with the likes of Nadastrom, Designer Drugs, and Dieselboy; they even had an international television debut, when DJ Pauly D played “Fortress” on the Fox Teen Choice Awards.

Since they established themselves in the Moombahton scene, Fista Cuffs has continually shown their ability to branch out and succeed in other genres; particularly in Trap. Fista Cuffs trap productions have received praise from all angles. With blog interest from OnSMASH,,, MagneticMag, Trap Blasta! Network, and many more, Fista Cuffs’ unique style proves to be mixing very well with the Trap movement. Recently they have even begun collaborations with producers for 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, MIA and Gucci Mane. Fista Cuffs has thrown down sweat dripping, twerk inducing Trap sets at places such as The Roxbury, Dayglow LA(Life in Color), and Snowglobe Music Festival. Since gaining notice for their abilities in Trap, Fista Cuffs spun an exclusive mix for a hosted Mixify event, and an all unreleased “Fista Cuffs and Friends” mix on the TrapstepNetwork. RunTheTrap responded very publicly saying “DAMN SON Fista Cuffs seriously murdering this Mifiy set right now.” These mixes showed RunTheTrap, Mixify, the TrapstepNetwork and their listeners that Fista Cuffs is a serious force in the trap game, and they have received praise from some of the biggest names in Trap Music.

With several successful Beatport releases under their belt, a Soundcloud teeming with 45+ tracks, and huge plans for 2013; Fista Cuffs’ momentum cannot be stopped.

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